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Your Water Bill Is Skyrocketing. Where's the Leak?

Water Is Leaking From The Pip
Many homeowners don't realize they have a leak until they get their monthly water bill. If you see your water usage soar, it's likely that you have a leak somewhere in your home. But if you haven't noticed a leak yet, how can you figure out where it is? 

Look for Signs of Moisture

If the leak is within your walls, you may see moisture building up on the surface. Paint may bubble and wallpaper may start pulling away from the walls. If you have matte paint, it may be wet or stained. You may also see an increase in condensation in an area, as humidity is building. Other signs of moisture could include increased mold growth and a stale, musty smell.

Try the Faucets

When there's a leak, it's often accompanied by a decrease in water pressure. Try the faucets around your home to see whether the water pressure has changed appreciably. If some of the faucets have suddenly started operating more slowly, the leak could be between that area and the main lines. If all your faucets are now operating with lower pressure, the leak could actually be outside of your home.

Look Around Your Property

There are a few signs you may want to look for if you suspect the leak is external:
  • Greener, taller patches of grass. Grass over a water leak will grow much faster than the grass around it.
  • Depressed patches of land. The dirt will often be a few inches lower in areas where water has pooled.
  • Fast-growing trees. If trees have infiltrated your pipes or are simply positioned over leaks, they will grow faster than others.
Inspecting your yard for pools of water may be worthwhile if you think the leak is occurring from outside, but there's also a more definitive way to check: turn off the shut-off valve for water in your home, check your meter, and wait a few hours. If the meter has changed, the leak is outside of your house.

Check Your Toilets

A running toilet can use a significant amount of water without visibly leaking. Listen to your toilets to see if they are still running; you would hear a trickling sound that continues even long after you've flushed it. If the toilet is running constantly, it's wasting a lot of water. Luckily, this is usually a very fast and easy fix for a plumber.

Look at External Hoses

External garden hoses may have started leaking without your knowledge, especially if the faucet was left on to drip. External faucets can also become damaged by winter weather if the hoses aren't taken off before a freeze. 

If you see excess growth under your exterior faucets, either the faucet is leaking or the pipes that connect to the external hose are. Either way, the issue should be fixed as soon as possible, as that water could be leaking under your home and into your foundation.

Check Under All the Sinks

Sinks can start leaking over time, either because their seals have worn through or because they have older pipes. Checking below the sinks can be a worthwhile endeavor, as there are many connections that might be leaking. If you do spot water under the sink, the leak may be fixable by tightening the pipes and using plumber's tape.

If you have a leak in your home, the faster you get it resolved, the better. Whether or not you can figure out where it's coming from, a professional will be able to help. Professionals have guided cameras and other equipment designed to track leaks down and resolve the problems at their source. For more information, contact A-1 Brown Plumbing Repair.
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