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Why You Should Have a Professional Clear Your Garbage Disposal

A common malfunction among garbage disposals is jamming. This problem can occur if too much food is placed into the disposal or if any other items are dumped down the drain. A jammed disposal will refuse to rotate when the power is turned on, and you will also detect a humming sound coming from the unit.
Clearing a jam is straightforward, but you should always have a professional handle the cleaning keeps you safe and ensures the appliance is properly cleared. Essentially, your plumber will locate the central shaft the disposal motor rotates around. He or she will open the shaft to clear the jam, and the unit will operate once again.
If your unit doesn't operate when the power switch is turned on, but you don't hear a humming noise, then the disposal still may be jammed, and the internal breaker switch has likely tripped, too. In that circumstance, your plumber will need to reset the breaker first.
Your plumber will make other repairs or replace components to get your disposal up and running again if necessary.
If you have questions or concerns about your garbage disposal or believe it needs replacing, be sure to contact A-1 Brown Plumbing Repair in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, for help. We can repair or replace broken disposals as well as correct other plumbing concerns.
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